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Why choose Bulldog?

Bulldogs are known for their strength and tenacity – and that’s the ethos behind Bulldog Protection.  We work with the highest quality suppliers of security products, selecting the best in the world that are thoroughly tested again.

Each design is guaranteed with a certificate and meets the intense safety testing applied by specialised labs in Germany. Each door and lock device has undergone the most brutal of attacks and harshness of everyday usage to ensure it’s a barrier that won’t budge, whatever the impact.

Not only that, we keep a close eye on your order and inform you at each stage of the process. Once manufacturing has begun, you can login online for an instant update until the moment your door or window arrives.

We know a great deal about security having been locksmiths for many years – so we know what it takes to secure a door, and about the sophisticated techniques burglars use to get past security measures.  It was a natural progression to find doors that improved the security of our clients.

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