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Hold fast against heavy-duty tools

To protect against weaponry, get a class 3 security door and stay well protected against even the most organised and planned methods of crime.

If your property is empty for extended periods of time and you are concerned about the possibility of an attempted break-in, your class 3 door will make sure your property remains secure should the situation arise. 

The certification assures you that your door has been tested against screwdriver break-ins and crowbar attacks on locked and bolted building components, which held fast while the door remained securely closed.

These were are not random tests. Extensive research into methods of break-ins were undertaken to design and carefully craft a precision door that will specifically withstand such attacks. This way you can have a top burglar resistant door that will protect your property from a burglar using heavy-duty tools.

To add to that, the door keeps out unwanted noise so that you can find peace in your own home or work without disturbance in your office premises.   In addition you will be kept warm with its thermal installation too.  It’s a top quality secure door for your property, whether you’re protecting your first new-build flat, a historic building or a commercial office premises.
Tested by the IFT Rosenheim laboratory in Germany for burglar resistance, the door was awarded security class 3 (WK3) according to the ENV-1627:2011 standard, where the locks must be no lower than security class 5.

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Sound Insulation

43db Rw (C;Ctr)

Thermal transmittance

1·5W (m2-K)

Burglar resistance

EN 1627:2011 WK3 class 3

Opening and closing

200,000 cycles

Resistance to wind load

Class C3

Air permeability

Class 3

Water tightness

Class 2A

Fire resistance

EI 45

Mechanical strength/rigidity

Class 4

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