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Internal Structure of Door

(Resistance Class 4 (WK4) according to EN 1627:2011 standard)

As demonstrated in the image on this page our doors have:

  1. 1. Armored locks protected by two drilling resistant manganese plates
  2. 2. All main and additional locks protected in steel boxes
  3. 3. Security hinges that have height adjustment mechanisms
  4. 4. Eight 16mm diameter locking bolts on the hinge side
  5. 5. Six locking bolts and two additional bolts directed upwards and downwards on the locking side

As demonstrated in the image on this page Premium doors have:

  1. 6. An inner door constructed as a steel sheet sandwiched between metal grating so that even if the outside grating get damaged you are still protected by the steel plate and inside grating.
  2. 7. Double the thermal insulation with a 3cm layer of rock wool on both sides of the steel sheet to keep the heat in
  3. 8. The entire structure covered by a finishing board of your selected colour and design
  4. 9. The toughest lock pins surrounded by a 15mm think bent profile
  5. 10. The frame fixed into the opening by 17 pins, protected by 24mm steel liners

You are safe in the knowledge that it is impossible for crowbars, hammers, cutting and drilling tools will break through. Testers tried to break this door continuously for 77 minutes, to no avail – coupled with the fact that you’re protected from bullets, and fire for up to 45 minutes giving you more time to escape.

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Sound Insulation

45db Rw (C;Ctr)

Thermal transmittance

1·5W (m2-K)

Burglar resistance

EN 1627:2011 WK4 class 4

Opening and closing

200,000 cycles

Fire resistance

EI 45

Bullet resistance

FB 4

Resistance to wind

Class C3

Air permeability

Class 3

Water tightness

Class 1A

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