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Lock it up!

Whether you want to protect your home or your office you should be in control of who gets in – and who doesn’t.

You’ll need a strong and solid lock and, if you choose, sophisticated technology to ensure only authorized people can get past your entry system. Our lock cylinders contain magnetic mechanical coding systems, and specially patented components. They’re protected by telescopic rings made from tear–resistant steel, and are available in brass and chrome to provide the finish you want.

There are more than 40 styles to choose from, each one sourced from prestigious security companies around the world. For additional security you can install one of 20 secondary locks.

Keys are produced using digitally protected and controlled key duplication devices – they cannot be duplicated anywhere without your prior knowledge and consent. Even the test key used by the fitter will be destroyed once your lock is installed.

For science in security, you can have the most up-to-date and sophisticated biometric entry systems for unique personal identity entry. These locks contain fingerprint scanners and iris identification techniques, to make sure than only authorised and recognised individuals may enter. Despite being high-tech, they are convenient, affordable, safe and reliable and easily fitted as part of your secure door.

Although strength and style are important, but with daily use they need to be easy to use too. Our precise latch and lock mechanisms will open and close your door, time after time, as effortlessly as it is secure.

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