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Your six walls of safety

At the centre of your home, a panic room – or, safe room - is the ultimate secure shelter for you and your family. Six fortified walls, anchored to the foundation with a door of double core metal gives you an instant safe retreat. Plus, the heavy deadbolt fitted on the inside only means that you have no lock and key to grapple with, so you can close the door on burglars that threaten to become violent in an instant.

Hopefully you’ll never have the need to use your panic room, but for some people, it’s a precaution you have to take. Not only is it a reassuring refuge from intruders, but it’s a fire-resistant vault, also built to withstand tornadoes.

Once you’re safe in your panic room, you’ll be able to stay in contact with the outside world with secure communication to the emergency services. You can have a video monitor for keeping track of all activity the other side of the door as well as throughout the house.

Usually panic rooms have one entrance, and it’s worth running drills with your family so that everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency and knows what to expect.

The room needs to be ‘livable’, which means installing a sink, toilet, furniture, flashlight, and stocking it with food should you need to be inside for any length of time. We advise you on the best products for your individual needs so you are completely prepared.

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