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Home Safes

Your most valuable items like jewellery and personal files need particular care taken in storing them safely. Security and deposit boxes, with a range of locks and installation methods, will keep your things safe from theft. These boxes preserve your precious items against environmental damage such as fire and water.

You can choose the style and shape to suite the intended contents; cuboid or cylindrical, and we will advise on the best place for installation. Safes can be embedded in a wall or sunk into the floor.

Each box comes with a duel locking system, which means that you won’t be able to open it unless you have access to both the key, and the unique security code. On top of that, we can add fingerprint recognition, so that you will be the only person ever able to open the box.

All models are certified by ICIM institute so you know that they meet industry standards, under strict production guidelines. This is guaranteed, no matter the price, and backed up with thorough testing, quality control, and continuous product development.

If you want something that will take bigger or multiple items ask us about the installation of vaults and strongholds.

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