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Every door is tested

Every door goes through rigorous security testing, carried out at the highly regarded IFT Rosenheim testing laboratory in Germany.

Each door is tested individually for these security issues:

  • Burglar Resistance: Each door undergoes extreme attacks with various weapons to make sure that they withstand the toughest degrees of force.
  • Fire Resistance (German certificate): Tests are carried out to meet UK fire ratings and strictest certified European regulations.
  • Thermal Transmission: Every door is rated for energy efficiency to retain heat inside the building and prevent cold air from entry around the frame.
  • Sound Insulation: Each door is tested to ensure that they maintain a level of sound-proofing so that you are not disturbed by noisy activities in the areas adjacent to your building.
  • Water & Wind Resistance: The doors are designed to withstand heavy rain and wind to keep you cosy inside.
  • Bullet Resistance: Whilst it may appear extreme, it’s always better to have this level of protection, than not. Ballistic tests carried out to the strictest German standards for your safety – no matter what.

Few security doors go through this level of testing so you can be confident that your door will be fully certified to our current high standards. For more information please call us on +44 (0)203 642 7812 or complete the contact form.

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