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Open your door in safety

When you get unexpected visitors you need to be sure that when you open the door, even just ajar, no intruders can force their way in.

Door chains were designed to prevent this.  However, the traditional kind – a chain strung from the door to the frame - serve as little more than a deterrent.  They often have short screws which are easily ripped out, and made of thin metal, easily defeated by simple tools as soon as the door starts to open.  Unfortunately, they are often installed improperly, and make for one of the least attractive features of a door.

This is where the secret door chain offers unique protection.  It is a patented device, hidden in the internal cavity of the door panel, invisible to those outside. The chain is in fact a series of metal bars, which connect from the door and into the door frame on the hinge side.. The ‘chain’ slides into openings in the top and bottom of the casing and significantly increases the door resistance against unwanted intrusion.

A trustworthy device, laboratory tests show that these hidden chains are effective against loads of more than half a tonne. What’s more, the lock is hidden behind paneling, which means your door is as strong as it is beautiful.

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