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Get the toughest windows

Glass is essential to let light into your home or office, but it’s generally a weak point when it comes to people gaining access to your premises illegally. Glass is easily smashed and shattered.

However, if you install the most advanced secure glazing you’ll have a window that measures up alongside our steel doors, however large your window or shop front.

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Bulldog windows have:

  • Patented secret hinges within the structure to prevent the door being forced open
  • Superior fire, wind and water resistant glass, yet with air permeability and heat transmission
  • Part opening to allow ventilation
  • Solid wood finishing with an internal galvanised steel structure, to be aesthetically pleasing
  • Bullet-proof laminated glass with specialist inter-layers to prevent the glass from smashing
  • Patented steel hinges integrated within the frame, so the door can’t be removed by breaking the hinges
  • Lightweight glass 40mm thick with superior light transmission
  • Ultra-secure lock cylinders, your choice of Muti-T-Lock or Mottura

These windows will resist attacks with picks, sledgehammers, chisels, crowbars and power drills. Watch the video to see how robust they really are.

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